Tokyo, Terra Motors Corporation, Japan’s leading innovator of electric two and three-wheelers, starts sales in Italy, with Spesso Srl, of “A4000i”, the world’s first electric scooter with smartphone connection.

 Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Motors said,  “There have been already concept models of electric motorcycles with smart phones. However, when it comes to e-scooters produced by mass production, there has been no e-scooter. A4000i is the world-first mass production model. Today, we are pleased to finally announce the sale start of A4000i in Italy.”

A4000i will be displayed at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy in November.

 “Through this partnership, we will not only introduce a cost-effective mode of transport into the industry, but also a pollution-free vehicle. We are quite excited to work together with Terra Motors on this initiative, and look forward to the launch,” said Francesco Possio, Spesso’s EV Division Manager.

Terra Motors will display A4000i at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy in November and calls for distributors all over Europe.

The main features of A4000i are as mentioned below. :

Smartphone Connection

One of the main functions is the smartphone connection with the powertrain of A4000i. The native application is capable of storing the following data on cloud database.

1. Electricity consumption during driving.
2. State of Charge (SOC)
3. Driving behavior: Driving duration, max/min/average speed etc.

Terra Motors aims to collect and analyze the data above and deliver new big data -based services in the future.

2.       Japanese Quality

In China, more than 30,000,000 units of electric motorcycles are sold annually. So Chinese electric motorcycles have large market share all over the world due to their price. However, it encounters technical problems in battery life as well as accessibility of spare parts due to poor service network.

A4000i eliminates the above stigmas.(Cheap but insufficient product quality and service.). Each component is made by Japanese manufacture, like Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd., ASAHI DENSO CO., LTD., etc….

 In addition, A4000i is also suitable for rough road in countryside, and it has seating capability for 2 people.

3.       Battery created in-house R&D

 A4000i is powered by original removable lithium battery of A4000i, developed by in-house R&D. The battery endurance is about 50,000 km. This figure is five times longer than electric motorcycles in Chinese market.

 Terra Motors will continue to expand business all over the world to achieve our vision “Leading innovations with Electric Vehicles in creating clean & sustainable society”.

About Terra Motors

Terra Motors Corporation is an electric two & three wheeler developer, manufacturer and retailer in Japan. Its mission is to devise leading innovations in electric vehicles (EV) in order to create a clean and sustainable society.

The company was established in 2010 and occupies the number one market share in Japan. It is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, and it has overseas affiliate firms in Vietnam and in the Philippines.

Investors include Mr. Nobuyuki Idei (former President of Sony Corporation), Mr. Koichiro Tsujino (former President of Google Japan) and Mr. Kenji Yamamoto (former President of Apple Japan and former Vice-President of Sales at Apple Inc. in the USA).

For more information, please visit

About Spesso Srl

Spesso Srl, based in Torino, Italy, for almost 90 years has been designing and producing components for the automotive industry, also for motorbikes and scooters of world class manufacturers. Spesso is also involved in the distribution of spare parts in the aftermarket worldwide.

In the 1990s Spesso established a close partnership with a leading automotive component manufacturer from Japan, so appreciating Japanese work philosophy, reliability and technologies.

Today, Spesso is extremely proud of the cooperation with Terra Motors for cleaner and safer cities, and believes that A4000i is a great latest generation e-scooter, combining outstanding design, components and assembly quality.

Spesso will provide the best overall service to its customers in Italy, starting 2015.

For inquiries:

Company         Terra Motors Corporation
PR Manager             Tetsuya Ohashi
TEL                          +81(0)3-6674-9558/ +81(0)90-6166-4801(mobile)
E-mail                       [email protected]

For inquiries:

Company                                 Spesso Srl
EV Division Manager                Francesco Possio
TEL                                          +39 329 8546015
E-mail                                       [email protected]


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