Here are the top 5 Exhibitors at the Macao Franchise Expo 2014. For more information, visit


Industry: Skin care products

Attirance is experienced manufacturer of natural cosmetics from Latvia (EU). Established in 2003, the company has developed more than 400 unique products with charming design and wonderful selection of fragrances. Inspired by the beauty of nature, our goal was to create natural cosmetics that combine expression of feeling beautiful and harmonious.

Franchise stores: 15 countries (China, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Latvia, Mexico, Angola, Turkey).

Coming soon in 2014: Saudi Arabia (2 more stores), China (6 more stores) UAE (Dubai), Bahrain, Tunisia, Morocco.

Master Franchises: 6 countries, 2 cities.

Exclusive distributors: 5 countries.


Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee is not just a brand; it is a well-developed franchise system that, as we have already proven, is adaptable to many different models and markets.

We provide a bespoke solution for every partner’s needs, which may include full training, assistance with site selection and procurement, store design, lease negotiation, menu design developed specific to the marketplace, marketing opening and consistent ongoing support.

We want to hear from people who have the ability to take the brand and make the most of the potential it offers.


Cia. De Gestao Internacional Macau Friend, Lda.

Companhia de Gestao Internacional Macau Friend, Limitada is based in Macau. We have established the franchise business and introduced international brands and special businesses into Macau.  The first project Ms. Honey, a Taiwanese delicacies restaurant, has been opened.  The shop has gained favorable comments on brand image, shop decoration, food and services.  With the central kitchen for food preparation and distribution, we achieve uniform quality and service control through profession, standardization and simplification.  We hope to expand the markets in Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China steadily through the effective way of franchise copy.  For inquiry, please call (853) 28528162 Ms Janet Ng (Shop Manager). Web-site:


Shane English School

SHANE has been a global leader in English language education since the establishment of its first schools in Tokyo in 1977. With several hundred schools currently operating around the world, SHANE is always interested in finding new partners with which to grow. SHANE has English language learning programs for everyone, from young children to adults. Franchising and master franchising opportunities are available in many parts of the world. Contact us, or visit, today!


Pou Chi Lam Restaurantes, Limitada

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Pou Chi Lam restaurant founded in1990, Bozaifan is always its signature item. With its creatively-designed heatproof package, And has been the national model patent. In 2008, Pou Chi Lam’s Bozaifan won the honor of being chosen as the symbol of local favorites. Right now, Pou Chi Lam is sharing their success with anyone who is interested, in the form of franchising. To create “the original pot Lin Zou, original entrance” the Chinese fast food concept.




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