Recently, Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile company tell to the media introduced four new intelligent hardware, including small ants smart cameras, Xiaomi smart socket, Yeelight intelligent lights and Xiaomi intelligent remote control center, will be on next Monday at the Xiaomi official website ,  price has not yet announced. but said they would like 79 yuan Xiaomi bracelet like “Drive enemy like crazy .”

Traditional smart home products expensive, difficult to install, difficult to use, which restricts the use of the user, Xiaomi’s four products have done some optimization, easy-to-use, low-cost. The following  main characteristics of the four products are:


The little ant camera: 720P HD resolution, 111 degree wide, 4x zoom, support for clear two-way voice calls.
Xiaomi socket: the world’s smallest multi-socket through the 3C certification, timer switch, independent USB interface.

Yeelight intelligent light: 16 million colors, LED lamp beads, energy-saving, durable, power consumption 6W, you can use 20,000 hours.

Xiaomi intelligent remote control: the product is still in development, will be released in the near future.

In addition to the four products, Xiaomi also released Xiaomi smart home solution. This is similar to the one Jingdong polymerization App, which you can control the intelligent products in the family within a App, do one key link, set up the smart hardware linkage of different scenes , in which no longer subject to the router, mobile phone system and the limitations of the brand. The future will be open interface to other intelligent hardware products.



The reason why no mention of intelligent Home Furnishing, but smart home, Xiaomi want to emphasize human centered family life solution, discard the false and retain the true false intelligence, removal, removal of man-made factors, make the home medium equipment more smart natural linkage.



IT’s say that Xiaomi will work with upstream manufacturers cooperate to hardware entrepreneurs, electrical appliances manufacturers to provide low-cost or free WiFi module, non-Xiaomi system hardware transformed into intelligent hardware.


Release of intelligent home, using super App as the control center, is likely to mean that the Xiaomi want to give up router centered strategy, and give up the reason is probably because the Xiaomi router and failed to replicate the success of Xiaomi mobile phone.


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