Building Wealth is a creative process meant to obtain results and make your dreams become reality. Everyone is born with the capacity in creating their dream life and financial rewards. And, trust me when I say this, Building Wealth is all about expanding and growing to realize the results and circumstances you want.

If you want to achieve financial freedom, become wealthy, and have any desired riches in life, you must do certain things, in a certain way.

All of the great wealth builders throughout time have understood how to use the mind to achieve their desires and earn tons of money.

Plain and simple, your financial results will improve with direct proportion to your personal growth!

Building wealth, whether financially, relationally, physically, mentally, or spiritually comes down to one single factor, Results. Are you getting the results you want financially? If no, great! Put it behind you and lets get ready to improve. If yes, great! Lets make it a point to move out of your comfort zone and grow.

If you tell me your results, I can measure your exact thinking, feeling, and acting on a continual basis. How?

Your results tell the stories of your past thinking!

If you think about it, we are always living in the residual of our past. Yesterday’s behaviors may be developing into today’s results. So, if you want to make tomorrow’s results something you want, you must change the way you think, feel, and act, and move into harmony with what you want.

If you believe this as truth, this means you have the ability to turn everything around and improve your life.

Lets do an exercise. Please get out a pen and paper, or better yet, if you have a journal or notebook write down the answers to these questions.

  • What is my annual income?
  • Monthly income?
  • What is my business like?
  • What is my job like?
  • What do I think about my boss?
  • Do I love my career field?
  • Is it a sin to be rich?

Answering these questions honestly will give you a good idea of what your current results are and help you analyze your current thinking, feelings, and actions.

Then, do what the super wealthy do by going beyond positive thinking and ask yourself, “How did I create this?” “What does this say about me?” “How can I improve?”

Maybe your answers are, “I’m working at a job I do not love and with no potential opportunity. If I want to earn more money I should provide more value. Maybe I should work at something I enjoy and love? How about I start a part time business as another source of income!”

See your current results as room for improvement, knowing that they will get better in direct proportion with your growth. When you’re creating and building wealth, also remember to continuously practice gratitude and view your results as learning experiences, not failures.

Napoleon Hill once said, “Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.”

Knowing where you were gives you the ability to improve and change your life. But, lets not focus on the past anymore, give all your attention to what you want now.

Life is always mirroring back who you are and the results you are getting.

I suggest you measure your results every month. All it takes is five minutes! Is that worth it to become wealthy?

Creating Wealth

Building wealth is actually pretty simple, not easy, but simple. To become wealthy you must align your thinking, feelings and actions with the universal laws and you will succeed every time.

I like how James Ray puts it, “You must go three for three, your thinking, feelings and actions must be firing on all cylinders.”

Get that pen and notebook out! If you want to start building wealth, write the answers to these questions.

Keep in mind that the only limitations in your life are the limitations your mind sets up.

  • How much do I want to earn per year?
  • What is my dream net worth?
  • Who do I want to become? (list top 3)
  • What do I want to do? (Again, top 3)
  • What do I want to have? (list as much as you’d like)

Eventually, I want you to narrow down to your top 3, for example: I intend becoming a world-wide entrepreneur, building luxury homes for anyone that desires them and having a 100,000,000 million dollar company. Then, follow the same wealth building strategy that all the great achievers use, and start creating your ideal results, circumstances and financial situation.

If you can get it on paper, I guarantee you have a better chance of succeeding.

Jesus gives some great words of advice for the steps to building wealth, “Ask, and it will be given you; Seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Attention = Love

What we are doing here is shifting your attention and re-programming your old conditioned thoughts, feelings and actions. A lot of times we are the products of other people’s thoughts and behaviors, aren’t we?

So, we have to begin, in new ways, to use our minds correctly and join the 3% club. I once heard that 3% of the population are earning 97% of the wealth in this world.

It’s time for the other 97% to wake up!

Lets use our mind properly to create what we choose, whether it be more money, financial freedom, or prosperity.

It’s good to have an understanding on how the mind works as you pursue your steps to building wealth. In short, you have your higher self, God, energy, consciousness, zero point field or what ever you call it. This energy filters into your conscious mind which embeds into your subconscious, then acted out through your body.

All you have to do is tap into that creative power by focusing on what you want to create into your life and leave all attention on that desire.

The mind cannot process a negative, so word choice is very important. “I don’t want to be broke”, doesn’t cut it.

What’s really being interpret is “I want to be broke.” Instead, phrase it “I intend becoming financially free.” Now that works!

Applying the mind correctly takes work. If this is your first attempt working on building wealth, go easy on yourself. Take your current age, say 31. Realize you have 31 years of old conditioning that needs reprogramming. So, do what the Eagles do and “Take it Easy.”

Clarity is Power

Congratulations! You are now doing certain things, in a certain way. When you’re focusing on what you want in life, whether it’s more prosperity or financial riches, you have to understand that clarity is power in building wealth.

“I want more money”, does not cut it. One dollar more is more money. Exactly, how much more? What will you do with this money? By when do you want it?

When you get clear, the method to obtain it will appear. When you form a definite purpose with a burning desire to achieve that purpose, backed with faith and belief, you are unstoppable.

Forming your own purpose, vision and goals, is like being on a one way trip to creating the wealth of your dreams.

Your plans to build wealth and receive money will become clear as day once you have a definite purpose and desire for your riches. Once the method appears, act. Not tomorrow, not a week from now, but right now; however small the action may be, step toward that direction.

You must have the courage and create the plans and act on them to fulfill your desire. Then, money will flow to you like it’s magic and you will be wondering where it has been hiding all of this time.

This is how your create all the riches you want in your life. By applying and understanding your wealth strategy.

Truly Wealthy

It’s not about the things we acquire!

Wow, really? I say yes.

Having all the material things in this world are gifts that are meant for us to have. We deserve to enjoy everything we desire, whether it’s material possessions or not.

If you think about it, these possessions that you have are not really ours. The cars and houses you have, clothes you wear, jewelry, watches, food, and diamonds are not really ours. When you die, your possessions will go to someone else.

We are just temporary custodians of our material possessions.

That’s why it is most important to focus on and enjoy who you are becoming, while enjoying these material gifts we deserve. The path to building wealth is a journey with many results and outcomes along the way, isn’t it? Think about this for a second.

When you achieve a goal, you celebrate your success, (if you don’t, it’s a good practice to adopt in telling the universe to bring me more) then create another, bigger and brighter goal. It never ends, doesn’t it?

There will always be another goal or vision to pursue and accomplish.

Now, saying that, building wealth is about the journey. The truly wealthy people enjoy the journey and ride of life. When you achieve that heart filled goal, you become a bigger person. A bigger person to handle more challenges, a bigger vision, better and bigger results and more of everything.

It’s about the journey and becoming the person you envision to be.

Who you become will live on forever in history, even when your body leaves this earth. That’s what being truly wealthy is about, who you become and the journey along the way.

 written by Nick Pfennigwerth, who writes on wealth building and originally this article on Creative Wealthbuilding.

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