Kwai Bun is a passionate mind who never stop pursuing. Professionally, he is acreative director, technologist, and businessman. Out of work, he is a photographer, performer, designer, traveler, who calmly observes, tastes, and philosophizes the wisdom, the truth, and beauty of the world. He has travelled to 54 cities when he was a flight attendant at 2002.

Kwai created the legend of ManyMany Creations Ltd, since 2004. It’s regarded as the fastest growing CG company in Hong Kong, and now among the top 3 mostfamed names in the industry. ManyMany’s 10 years of portfolio earns him hundreds of clients internationally, including 4As agencies and brands such as Citibank, American Express, Adidas,Intel, Coca cola, Cathay Pacific, Standard Charter Bank, Gillette, etc.Kwai Bun has been involving and being guest speakers in lots of industry events and seminars including events at TEDx, Filmart, Siggraph and Falmouth University.

Over the years, he has got numerous awards in animation, advertising, and business, including the grand ICT Awards2013, which was given in person by Mr. C.Y. Leung, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Government. Kwai’s latest work: PRIMAL WAR, and invention: QUANTUM HUMAN, continues to strivea bold statement of what Asian can do in computer graphics, in an international context.

Kwai Bun sits down with the Asian Entrepreneur and personally shares with us his own entrepreneurial story and philosophy.

What do you guys do at ManyMany Creations Ltd.?

ManyMany Creations Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based creativity-driven production company specializing in 3D animation, visual effects, creative marketing and newmedia. Having produced over 200 projects for leading brands worldwide, ManyMany Creations keeps pace with emerging trends and latest advancement in digital technology of the times, providing clients with A-grade quality contents, and never cease exploring for creative concepts and new media integration.
Where did the idea for ManyMany Creations Ltd. come from?
When I started the company, I literally had the passion to create many many creations in my career. My profession starts in Computer Animation, gradually extended to both advertising and advanced technology in recent years.
How did it all begin?
It’s a very simple startup: the only investment is 2 computers and a sense of ambition.
What kind of progression did the company go through as you rolled on with the startup?
Gradually, we start to expand our team, do marketing in different countries. And put some effort in branding and business development. I learn business management, marketing, finance, human resources, presentation, client serving skills all by trial and error. I must say we are a very open‐minded fast learner. And I learn with my team together.
What kind of challenges did you face during startup?
At startup, we have no investors, no experience in big companies, and very little client connections. That’s not easy but eventually the ambition and determination can override that. Moreover, my award‐winning short animation film “A RobotsWorth” brought us opportunity at first.
How did people respond to the startup?
They welcome us because we are very hard‐working, sincere, and not afraid to domore. Our clients can sense that and then we took more opportunities by good word‐of‐mouth. I think the key there is to have good quality of work as the core, package it not onlyas an artwork but a premium service because that’s what people can always see and what the clients pay for.
What kind of changes did you make to your business approach over time?
We market ourselves outside Hong Kong. We changed 4 office over 10 years, and each time doubled the space for more staff and more functional room. Now we even have a lab! Our industry have a hierarchy of power and cash structure like a food‐chain. We gradually climbs up and work on higher levels of projects. Of course that means we have to keep proving ourselves and that means keep learning and upgradingourselves. Now we are at top tier and we go further by creating new divisions, for example, developing our own R&D technology that gives us unique edge.
Have you developed any industry insights that you could share?
As an artist‐driven business, we always remember that, besides clients as the mostimportant people in the world, staff can be equally important. We treat our staff well, builds a good brand name, and I guess that’s how we sustain and develop well.
How do you stay innovative in this industry?
I myself never stopped researching on new computer graphics technology and feeding myself with good works on the internet. Now we even have a lab that do our own R&D for innovative creations. Meanwhile, we also keep good intel on industry movements, so as to responds to the market better.

What is the proudest moment for you?

Well, there are plenty. Aside from the numerous high profile projects, awards and the one given by Hong Kong Chief Executive, sometimes just looking at the office populated with best people will make me proud already, even more proud than getting awards! Having this team now is somehow the biggest achievement I can count.


How do you deal with disappointments, have you been disappointed?

No. Every path is unique. As long as you try your best, the unique path is created and I embrace all these path, including times of failures.

Do you think it is hard being an entrepreneur in Asia compared to the West?

I think its very different market. My industry in Asia tend to have very urgent working demands and over‐time working, which is unhealthy but we need to face the market situation and try to best balance this.


What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is not merely money: money is merely a currency of having more choices. For me success means archiving a certain level of money and fame,but ultimately the company, money and fame do not confine or control you to chase infinitely. They should gives you more freedom, instead of less.

What is your definition of success?

I wasn’t a business‐minded person. I’m more an artist and engineer. But in order to realize my ambition, entrepreneurship comes in naturally as a tool for my purpose.


What are the keys to entrepreneurial success?

To have a good business, you have to know your stuff (product/service) well. Then you need a great team, nothing is more valuable than that in a company. But to have a great business, its your guts to dream big, and act big.


Any parting words of wisdom for entrepreneurs out there?

I could write and cite paragraphs of wisdom, but it all boils to: can you take the step and commitment to live it out? that’s the question.


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