The answer is yes. There is a reason why there are thousands of people selling phone cases on Amazon or Taobao is that every one of them has customers buying their cases. There is a reason why there are thousands of sellers offline and online, and you can just be one of them. You might tell yourself that your business might not work because there are already too many of others doing it and that you might not have a room in this industry. It`s not true because as the world progresses and evolves it creates more problems that should be solved by businesses.


For example, many years ago there was no such thing as washing machine and our problem was to wash clothes by hand which took a lot of time and effort then we have created washing machines and it gave us different problems such as maintenance and other costs that were involved in using the washing machine. Same concept goes to every other business these days.

The biggest mistake is to think that competition might kill your business without realizing that competition in some way is an opportunity. It allows you not to spend time and effort in introducing your products and services to the consumers, allows you to analyze the fatal mistakes that your competitors make.

I entirely agree with this quote that gave me the courage to start my own business and it goes like this “You can win in business just by being a good copycat”. Everyone copies other`s business concepts and if you copy it in a very detailed and effective way, you will win. You don’t have to be the first but you can be the best.

We are in a rush to assume that innovation solves global problems without realizing that innovation also creates a lot of new problems too. Every innovational company creates more problems to be solved and it’s up to you if you want to take this chance and be the one who will solve ongoing problems.

There is no perfect timing or perfect economy for you to start your business, this is no more 90` so I say be a good copycat and start your venture, just make sure you are mentally ready for the tons of snowball of shit in your business journey and you gotta understand that being entrepreneur is not fun and its lonely AF and please pleeeease don’t forget to keep up with changes in economy, keep up with the rhythm of the world and learn to quickly adapt in changes, interests and trends. You snooze, you lose.

Entrepreneurship is not what you see on Instagram, entrepreneurship is hard work, consistent failures and a lot of questionings whether your journey is worth it or not.

But remember, there is a room for everyone.

About the Author

Numi Musalieva, is an author at The Asian Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Atom People Consulting. She previously worked for venture capital and big data companies and currently mentors startups at the largest accelerator program TechGarden KZ in Central Asia located in Kazakhstan. See more.


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