Sometimes you get lost in life and you forget what you’re about and where you’re heading. It’s nice to have a guide to go back to – to remember your motivations, core values, and  all that’s important to you.  When feeling lost,  recall the basics but before that, work out the basics, get a pen and piece of paper then consider the following:-

1. Motivation

Motivation not only gets you started but also keeps you going. When the going gets tough, remember why you started in the first place.
What drives you? What motivates you? Why do you do what you do?

2. Core Values

Core values or personal values provide an internal compass — together they form a reference for what is good and bad, right and wrong, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, and desirable.
What are your core values? What do you use to gauge importance, beauty, or goodness? How do you determine right from wrong?

3. Standard

A standard is a benchmark, a criterion for what is acceptable or not, a measure for what is satisfactory and what isn’t for you.
Define your standard. Decide now what is acceptable for you and what isn’t. Never let others set your standards for you.

4. Difference

Difference refers to a distinctive quality or feature, a distinguishing characteristic, something that is unique to and about you. You are sacredly unique. The combination of your life experiences, thoughts, and choices is one of a kind. Know that you’re different so you can make a difference.
What makes you different? How are you unique?

5. Strengths

Strengths are domains of your personality that you adeptly control and use to your advantage.
What are your strong suits? What personal traits or characteristics do you utilize effectively and efficiently?

6. Weaknesses

Weaknesses are domains of your personality that you are inept at handling. Strengths can also become weaknesses when misused. On the other hand, weaknesses can become strengths if used strategically.

7. Skills

You have talents, abilities, or aptitudes, whether you’re aware of them or not at the moment.
Where do you excel? What are you good at doing?

8. Passion

Passion is a compelling desire, a zeal, or intense enthusiasm for something.
What excites you? What do you have an eager interest in?

9. Style

Style determines how you want to be perceived both on a superficial and deeper level. It is a consistent characteristic among the clothes you put on, the scent you wear, the way you speak, the manner in which you conduct yourself, and even the work you produce.

10. Mission

Mission is your major definite purpose in life.
Example: Become a well-respected psychologist, Create something that will outlast generations, Build a secure and financially stable future for the family, Become a successful entrepreneur, Become an esteemed academic/scholar

11. Story

If you were to hear your perfect eulogy, how will it sound like? What story do you want to be remembered by?

12. Vision

Vision may refer to a dream, a mental picture of the future, a prospective state that you designed for yourself.
What’s your end-game? After everything’s been said, done, passed, what then?


Ask yourself these questions. Decide who you are and what you want to be. Most importantly, when the world starts to get confusing, remember what you’re about by referring back to the above. Don’t let it tell you otherwise.


About the Author

This article was written by Jamie Morales, an inspirational blogger who seeks to solve some of the bigger and most challenging personal questions in life. see more.

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