• Terra Motors Vietnam officially opens Terra Motors Gia Minh one of their first dealers in Hanoi. It is one of the first authorized dealers that were built according to the 3S standards in nation-wide. 
  •  Terra Motors Vietnam, a group company of the No.1 electric vehicle company in Japan, officially launches their E-scooter A4000i as 100 units limited edition in Vietnam.

Terra Motors Vietnam, a group company of the best electric vehicle company in Japan, has officially opened one of their first authorized dealers in Hanoi. This is one of the authorized dealers that are built according to the 3S standards of Terra Motors (including sales, repairing and warranty service, providing genuine parts). Terra Motors Gia Minh is located at 117 Xa Dan Street, Dong Da district, Hanoi City. And the authorized dealer is invested by Gia Minh Motorcycle Co.,Ltd., one of the experienced and reputed companies specializing in the service and trading motorcycle business in Hanoi.

In order to bring Japan’s high-quality products and perfect after sales service together with the professional manner to customers across the country, Terra Motors Vietnam will continue to expand their dealer network nationwide, in all provinces and cities in Vietnam this year. After Gia Minh Motors has opened in Hanoi City, the other Terra Motors Vietnam Dealers will be officially opened in the near future, for example, Terra Motors Hồng Quang – Hải Phòng, Terra Motors Việt Long – Bắc Ninh, Terra Motors Ngôi Sao-Thanh Hóa, Terra Motors Mai Trang – Nam Định,Terra Motors Tiến Toàn Phát (Tiến Thu) – TP. Đà Nẵng, Terra Motors Tân Hoàn Phước – Quảng Ngãi, Terra Motors Xuân Thoại – Phú Yên, Terra Motors Như Phú – Vũng Tàu, Terra Motors Hòa Phát Lợi –Buôn Mê Thuột, Terra Motors Tân Thành – An Giang. And many dealers in other cities across the country will be opened this year.

At today’s opening ceremony, A4000i electric scooter is officially sold nationwide to customers through the Terra Motors Authorized Dealers. The suggested retail price is 89.99 million đồng (including VAT). A4000i is equipped with a Lithium battery 48V40Ah, a capacity of 4 kilowatts, and it can also help the scooter achieve a maximum speed of 60km/h and 60km distance travel for 1 full charge. The time to fully charge a battery is in 4.5 hours. The battery is removable and their life is up to 50.000Km, many times more durable than conventional batteries. The warranty is 2 year for the battery and 1 year for the vehicle body. In addition, Terra Motors Vietnam offers a free maintenance policy for customers using Terra Motors electric scooters and electric bicycles with 9 free maintenance coupons using in 3 years. terra3

About Terra Motors

Terra Motors, founded in 2010, is a leading company manufacturing electric two and three wheeled vehicles in Japan. Headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Terra Motors also has branch offices and factories in Vietnam and Philippines. The company currently has over 1,000 dealers and 3,000 service networks in Japan. Recently, Terra Motors has been short listed for the government tender in the Philippines. Terra Motors portfolio boasts an impressive list of stockholders including one of the most famous celebrities in Japan, for example, Mr. Idei, the former chairman of Sony, Mr. Yamamoto, the former vice president of Apple Japan, and Mr. Tsujino, the former president of Google Japan.

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