Ainslie Young is a certified life coach who helps female entrepreneurs work smarter not harder to grow their businesses.

What’s your story?
I completed an honours degree in Psychology, (which I detested), and then went into a career in marketing and business development (where I also completed a Masters in Marketing). While I enjoyed the international travel and the opportunities within my career I wasn’t creatively fulfilled so I started a designer fashion label with my sister, which we ran for 3 years while working full-time.

I then moved to Hong Kong where my psychology and marketing qualifications came full circle and I started coaching female entrepreneurs and helping them get clear on exactly what their business offers, purposely package their services so they sell, plus teach them sustainable marketing strategies to amplify their message.

Since becoming a mum, I quickly realised I needed to work smarter not harder in business and simply ‘do less, but better.’ To achieve this I closely work with my own unique cycles across all aspects of my life and business and I’m passionate about sharing my simple yet effective strategies with other female business leaders so they can do the same.

What excites you most about your industry?
I’ll be honest, until recently I was very discouraged and tired of the overtly masculine marketing trends within the online business and coaching space. The idea of having to hustle 24/7 to earn good money and to manipulate your audience in order to work with you, didn’t sit well with me.
However, I’ve since come across a number of female mentors who are essentially doing business differently. They are leveraging their feminine strengths to create success on their terms, including financial wealth and a business that truly supports their family commitments, lifestyle and communities. The rise of a more feminine way of doing business really excites me!

What’s your connection to Asia?
I’m originally from Sydney, Australia and I moved to Hong Kong in 2014 with the plan of shifting the manufacturing of my fashion labels products to the south of China. However, for a number of reasons this didn’t eventuate, but this gave me the opportunity to start my coaching and consulting business. I’ve recently relocated to Singapore where I continue to work with clients within Asia and across the world.

Favourite city in Asia for business and why?
Hong Kong! Compared to Sydney, Australia, there seem to be fewer barriers to entry and the entrepreneurial spirit and support is the next level. You are constantly meeting people with incredible ideas who follow through with action, and who are happy to lift you up along the way and connect you with the right people.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
Prioritise your body over your business. I see time and time again business owners, (myself included), burning the candle at both ends and as a result, they literally burn out. A key feminine leadership principle is to view and treat your body as your most valuable asset in business and this is something that deeply resonates with me.

Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by successful female leaders who stay true to themselves, use their privilege to lift others up and who are truly transparent with the highs and lows of their careers and personal lives. One particular Australian female leader who comes to mind is Mia Freedman, a journalist, author, activist and the co-founder of Mamamia, Australia’s largest digital women’s media company. She’s the epitome of ‘walking her talk’ and she’s anything but vanilla when it comes to her opinions.

What have you just learnt recently that blew you away?
Mindset work can only take you so far. The feminine embodiment work I’ve been studying has clearly shown me that your body never lies and that you need to unlock the frozen tension within your body first in order to enjoy ‘flow’ in both life and business.

If you had your time again, what would you do differently?
I don’t really have any regrets in life or business. However, I wish I had listened to my intuition earlier with my previous product based business and made the decision to end it sooner. But I gained many invaluable lessons from this experience, so it wasn’t a waste.

How do you unwind?
I love swimming in the ocean, reading interior design magazines and eating dark chocolate while watching terrible reality TV shows! It’s escapism at its best!

Favourite Asian destination for relaxation? Why?
Such a tough question! I recently travelled alone to Ubud, Bali for an immersion experience as a part of a coaching certification I’m completing. It was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. We are headed to Sri Lanka in a few weeks with my 2-year-old daughter…so let’s see if that’s a relaxing destination with a toddler in tow!

Everyone in business should read this book:
Another tough question! I’d have to say ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown. If you want to get the right things done in less time, then this book if for you.

Shameless plug for your business:
Ainslie can be described as a heart-centred strategist thanks to her university qualifications in psychology and marketing, her life coaching and feminine embodiment certifications plus her extensive corporate experience in marketing coupled with her own entrepreneurial adventure across product and service-based businesses. In addition to her high-end coaching and consulting, she also runs sold out workshops, retreats and intimate in-person business mastermind events in both Hong Kong and Australia.

In 2018 Ainslie was awarded a Hong Kong Women’s Leadership in Business award and has been a Finalist in the Beautiful You International Coach of The Year category 2017-2018 and Emerging Coach of The Year category 2016-2017, plus was listed as a Young Entrepreneur To Watch in Anthill

Magazine’s ‘30 Under 30 Rising Stars.’ She has been featured multiple times in the Australian Press including The Sunday Telegraph and the Collective Magazine and she also writes for The Huffington Post, Event Head Magazine and Sassy Mama Hong Kong.

Ainslie is passionate about partnering with feminine business leaders and showing them how to work smarter not harder, including combining sustainable marketing strategies with their inner wisdom so they too can create successful businesses on their own terms.

How can people connect with you?
You can connect with me via email [email protected]m, Instagram @ainslieyoung or take a look at my website:

This interview is part of the ‘Callum Connect’ series of more than 500 interviews

Callum Laing is an entrepreneur and investor based in Singapore. He has previously started, built and sold half a dozen businesses and is now a Partner at Unity-Group Private Equity and Co-Founder of The Marketing Group PLC. He is the author two best selling books ‘Progressive Partnerships’ and ‘Agglomerate’.

Connect with Callum here: Download free copies of his books here:

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