The pioneer of the science of E. Excel Nutritional Immunology, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen explored the link between proper nutrition and the human immune system following her years as a cancer research scientist. In 1987, Dr. Chen founded E. Excel International Group and she has been passionately sharing the gifts of health and knowledge with the world ever since.

Born in Taiwan, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen emigrated with her family when she was 10. A hardworking child with a thirst for knowledge, Dr. Chen enrolled in Brigham Young University, USA at the tender age of 16 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry at 19. Fuelled by her keen interest in using her knowledge to benefit society, she further delved into the studies of immunology and biochemistry, obtaining her PhD in Microbiology at 26. She stayed on at Brigham Young University to pursue cancer research and also went on to become one of the institution’s lecturers.

A chance encounter with a young mother who was battling terminal stage cancer was the catalyst in Dr. Chen’s journey towards establishing E. Excel International Group. With the young mother questioning her state of mortality and realising that she would not live long enough to witness crucial stages in her children’s life such as graduating from college and getting married, she resorted to making voice recordings for them as a keepsake for them to remember her by. This was the life-changing event for Dr. Chen that made her re-examine her approach to cancer research and begin to explore cancer prevention rather than looking for a cure.

In 1987, Dr. Chen further advanced her research on preventive healthcare by establishing E. Excel International Group in USA so that her work on Nutritional Immunology might have a greater impact on others. As the founder of E. Excel International Group, Dr. Chen is a tireless advocate of Nutritional Immunology and frequently travels around the world to share her message through

health seminars. Armed with years of cancer research and insights into the way a healthy immune system can help fight off diseases, she harnesses this knowledge to develop wholesome, plant-based food products that help busy people obtain the proper nutrition required to keep their immune systems healthy.

Always leading by example, Dr. Chen’s determination, work ethics, and hands-on leadership style is renowned throughout the E. Excel family of employees and distributors. She was personally involved in painting the walls of one of her first manufacturing plants.

E. Excel won the prestigious New Millennium Award for outstanding achievements in manufacturing and production at the 30th Golden Award for Best Trade Name in 2005. One of its star products, Symphony of Excellence, was recognized with the prestigious Top 10 Most Competitive Health-care Product Award for the uniqueness of its ingredients, processing and nutritional value in 2006. In 2012, E. Excel International Group proudly achieved the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand—Outstanding Brand Excellence Award by the Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA).

E. Excel is an international company with offices in Brunei, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and USA. The E. Excel International Group has over 400 employees and 100,000 distributors worldwide in 2015.

Driven by her passion for Nutritional Immunology, Dr. Chen inspires with her unwavering determination. “Every time I do something, I get a result. If it’s not the result I want, I make sure I’m not going to get the same result the next time. That’s how I improve. And I’m one step closer to where I want to be,” said Dr. Chen.

Delving into the research of Nutritional Immunology, Dr. Chen’s path was beset by numerous hurdles. However, she is not afraid to challenge conventions by encouraging people to consume fresh fruits and vegetables at a time when taking vitamin pills was the norm. What’s unique about Dr. Chen is that she does not promote her company or its products during the health seminars she conducts around the world. To her, educating the public about the importance of prevention over cure and the benefits of wholesome plant foods is her top priority. Explaining scientific concepts using layman terms and encouraging people to return to the basics are hallmarks of this forthright and compassionate scientist and educator.

Dr. Chen inspires E. Excellers—her employees and distributors— by being a good role model. She is punctual, hardworking, and encourages them to lead a healthy lifestyle and to keep learning. More importantly, she genuinely cares about their welfare. That is why many E. Excellers have remained with E. Excel for many years.

Staying true to her personal beliefs of understanding the science behind Nutritional Immunology, Dr. Chen focused on research instead of the economic opportunities from creating vitamins. While E. Excel has a wide reach of distributors, she insists that her products are merely for convenience and are for people who lack the time to prepare a wide variety of plant foods for proper nutrition.

Fulfilling the roles of mother, scientist, entrepreneur, and educator, Dr. Chen has a great love for learning. Driven by her inquisitive nature, she seeks to achieve breakthroughs in Nutritional Immunology and to inspire her distributors to continuously strive for excellence. Dr. Chen is also a philanthropist with a passion for helping the less fortunate. Through the Jau Fei Chen E. Excel Scholarship and Research Fund, she hopes to give students the opportunity to pursue an education. E. Excel has touched many lives over the years through its support for various charitable organisations, such as the Red Cross, World Peace Association, World Vision International, and Mercy Relief.

E. Excel’s mission is to share the gifts of health and knowledge with mankind. This shared goal amongst E. Excel and their distributors unites them as one family of E. Excellers. Seeing how teaching the public to live and eat healthily has made a difference to countless lives over the years is most rewarding for Dr. Chen. She said with a smile, “Knowledge is one of the biggest gifts we can give to society. Knowing that we have somehow been an influence and have made some positive change in the world is what really makes it all worth the while.”


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