What happens when a serial entrepreneur falls gravely ill? He uses his best talent of business creation to create a health solution that saved his own life and may save yours.

I intend to angel invest in Health Tech and have been consciously following health tech developments and startups.  I used to be Assistant Director in the Ministry of Health and have always helped with health education, policies and implementation. The basic premise is to keep our citizens healthy so they need less healthcare to begin with. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

Many millionaires in the online industries in the United States sell health. Dieting, juicing, and health supplements. In my search to affiliate to a company selling the best stuff, I found Matt Reiman and ph360 (http://www.ph360.me/), the world’s first personalised smart health programme. It is a health tool based on epigenetics and gene expression. Combining concepts of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and conventional medicine, the programme delivers a set of unique, actionable and meaningful health and wellness advice on foods, fitness, environments and lifestyle to enable the user to make intuitive useful decisions to improve health and avoid disease.

Why I am an affiliate? Matt has a track record of doing good business and his team of experts is stellar. I also had the chance to speak to him and I spot peak performers, and he is definitely one. The best thing any investor needs to learn to do is to spot diamonds in the rough. Matt is an outright diamond.

But don’t just listen to me… if you want to meet and chat with internationally renowned personalised health expert and serial entrepreneur, Matt Riemann, and get to know his latest business, he is here for a short time only — May 20th in Singapore and May 21st in KL.


Also, write and tell me what are your top picks for health tech?

I would love to hear from you on why – I SHOULD NOT BANK ON MATT… I like critical thinkers and want to learn more from you too.


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