In today’s world, gadgets are a part of our daily lives and since more functionality is being incorporated, our lives might be fully dependent on gadgets in the near future. Developers are becoming more creative and moving towards automation as a way of improving lives. Initially, smart-phones were developed with the ability to of performing more than the traditional functions intended for phones. Over time, however, the demand for more technological advancement put excessive pressure on the mobile phone devices and this pushed for the invention of more gadgets.

Some of the most mind-blowing gadgets and ones that will definitely make your life smarter are as follows:

Logbar ring

This is a gadget that is out to replace the remote control in your home and not just for the TV but also for the lights and phones as well. This ring is connected to the household devices via Bluetooth and makes it possible to operate stuff at the comfort of your seat. With the way most people get home tired, this is a lifesaver because it allows you time to rest while you are still going about the small duties around the house.

Smart insoles

These are magical inner soles that can be used to determine the number of steps you walk and also heat your feet in the cold weather. This gadget is connected to the phone via Bluetooth in a way that you can increase or reduce the temperatures depending on your needs. When tracking your steps, it gives feedback on the number calories you lose in a workout still through your phone. It comes in different sizes to fit the different shoe sizes and despite its slightly high cost, it is a must have gadget for smarter living.


This gadget is a dream come true for most people because it has the capacity to adjust to the position of your body. It has the capacity to measure the size of your waistline and track the activities that affect that part of the body. Most people will argue that a normal belt will also let you know when your waistline is increasing by becoming tighter. This technology is, however, different since it gives facts and figures and even lets you know when you have added or reduced insignificant weight.

SleepIQ kids bed

This is a must have bed for all parents especially those that have had problems with monitoring their kids’ sleep. It is believed that once you become a parent one of the things you forget about is uninterrupted all night sleep. This bed has an automatic light beneath that lights up when the kids are awake and they do not need to call out their parents to check for them the monster under the bed as they can comfortably do that by themselves. It is wirelessly connected to Apple’s iOS gadgets to enable parents to monitor their kids from their bedrooms. With such a bed, kids will develop independence and get used to sleeping without your presence.

Baby Glgl

Still out to make the lives of mothers easier, this is an interesting gadget in the form of a feeding bottle that keeps track of the amount of milk consumed by your baby. Besides that, it comes with an inclinometer that directs the caregiver on the best angle to hold the bottle when feeding to avoid colic. Colic is one of the nightmares faced by mothers because it can cause the child to cry for hours. According to the biggest tech news, this is an item that most mothers will go for despite its relatively high cost.

Symphonic light

This is a gadget developed by Sony electronics that resembles a lantern and contains a speaker besides the LED bulb on the inside. This means that besides giving you light, it can also produce music and this makes it a must have gadget for people who love their music during bedtime. The light and music are controlled from the Smartphone connected wirelessly via a special app. You can program it such that it automatically switches off the music, the lights or both after a specific time. This means that the user can just proceed when sleep catches without the fear that lights will remain on the whole night.

All these gadgets look like things we can do without, and it is true we can do without them. However, the extent to which they simplify our lives is tempting and despite their high cost, their functionality makes it insignificant. They save our time and make our lives more automated meaning that we spend less time on duties that would have traditionally taken so much of our time and energy. This means that we have time to be more creative and come up with more innovations.


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This article was written by Katleen Brown, a content writer. She loves to publish her articles on various technical related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and writing articles to bring awareness on new trends and technology. She is working as Communication Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer. Advocating all types of technical professionals. Connect with her on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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