Initially launched in Paris, DrinkEntrepreneurs has since gone global, with events organized in 40 cities such as Shanghai, London, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and our very own Kuala Lumpur.

As entrepreneurs and professionals gather for DEKL’s 3rd anniversary event, we wanted to know how a monthly event could sustain itself for 3 years running. We reached out to the chief organisers of Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia, Mr. Lingesh Thayala and Mr. Ganesh Mahendranathan.

“We provide an informal setting for entrepreneurs and professionals alike to exchange ideas in a relaxed environment” says Lingesh. Ganesh adds, “Our attendees are extremely diverse coming from a variety of sectors whilst our partners view it as a strong platform to reach out to the start-up community”.

Over the last 3 years, Drinkentrepreneurs in KL has grown to a large event which commands over 200 attendees every month. Drinkentrepreneurs has also expanded their operations to cities across Malaysia comprising Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru and very recently, Miri to help foster the vision of entrepreneurship community building throughout the country.

When asked about future plans, they cited how they’ve been approached ad-hoc startups and companies to host private community building events.This year they’ve brought in key industry players within the startup ecosystem to participate in this event. These include Startup Weekend (program by Techstars), TeAM (a venture capital led by Mr. Fadzli Shah), (backed by Catcha Group), BEAM (networking platform for professionals), JomHack (hackathon organiser founded by Inbaraj Suppiah), FinTech Association of Malaysia (facilitates fintech ecosystem) and Entrepreneur Insight (online gateway to start-ups and SMEs).

For this month’s event, 300 attendees are expected to show up. So if you have nothing planned on 30th March, head along over to Black Bull, Avenue K with your friends to celebrate DEKL’s 3rd year anniversary as it promises to be an unforgettable party!

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