It is important for an entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights about what they are upto. Sharing one’s experiences helps other fellow entrepreneurs to learn from their journey and mistakes. The best way to share one’s journey comes by following the content route i.e. blogging.

When entrepreneurs share their experiences through blogging, either narrating personal stories, writing motivational content or just sharing your strengths and weaknesses, these deeds draw emotions, empathy and builds a sense of connection and belonging to the person who is reading your content and eventually builds long lasting relationship with clients.

Through writing a blog, entrepreneurs make their work visible to those who could be their clients and in the long run can help building own brand. Building own brand is quite significant as an entrepreneur because it identifies you and your products and your vision in a unique way that cannot be shared by any other person.

This even helps startup founders assert and strategically place themselves on the forefront of other entrepreneurs. Your brand is like a signpost or a billboard that is placed on the roadside directing clients to where they are supposed to find you.

The question you ought to ask yourself is, “whether an entrepreneurs should write a blog or not?” To my understanding, as an entrepreneur, it is crucial to have or write a blog. Most people regard blogging as something that has little or no impact at all in an entrepreneur’s life, but most of them are mistaken for in the modern world, blogging is the pillar and an invincible anchor of marketing in today’s business world.

It is not just about having the blog, but it also is very important to  write some informative content that is abreast with the needs of your target audience and market.

These are some of the six reasons why entrepreneurs should write a blog:

Helps You In Establishing As A Brand
It is through blogging  you can establish and brand yourself the way you want people to see and perceive you. It is through this that you can establish yourself as a brand that you would like clients to buy. If you are selling or buying, it is important to place yourself strategically and have your name or brand known to millions within seconds so as sales can be increased.

Helps You Shape Your Vision
You will develop a deep understanding and thinking of what strategies to put in place so as to have a cutting edge over your competitors. In doing so, you have to think deeply and understand your business needs and target audience. This brainstorming will make you come up with ideas and strategies that will be of great value to your business. A blog will come in handy as it will help you to communicate your ideas to others clearly and precisely. This enables you to have a good vision for your business and at the same time thorough and deep understanding that makes you shape the plan and products of your business towards the right customer. In short, it will assist you to direct your marketing strategy to the right group of audience.

Helps You Build An Online Audience
Through blogging you can have meaningful audience who are honestly interested in your business, products and services. The audience through consistent blogging and writing can be established over a long period of time. The audience is then used to obtain feedback for your products and services. This feedback can either be positive or negative. If the feedback is true and honest then it can be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business. This in turn helps to improve and strengthen your business from the feedback given by your audience on the blog. If the blog has social media feeds then it can be very useful to the entrepreneur. In addition,  interaction with clients through social media feeds you get a first hand information from your clients, and it is very easy to make the necessary adjustments and corrections immediately. As a result, your clients have trust in you, and at the same time build a sense of belongingness, hence, build a long lasting relationship with you.

Might Make You An Industry Expert
As I have already mentioned, you are supposed to be consistent with your blogging activities. When you do that, it means that you gain a lot of visibility and in the long run you establish yourself as an expert in the area of which you are dealing with your products. Then people will seek for your advice on what to expect in that particular industry. The ideas you put across on your blog, people will turn to you for that much valued advice as an industry leader. As an industry leader your ideas will remain creative, innovative, and you will be the one who comes up with new ways and innovations in that industry for people to emulate as  you are now the industry expert.

Helps You Communicate & Market
You can reach many people in a very short time. In fact, not just reaching many people, but reaching millions of people. Blogging has no physical barriers, your blog can be read by many people globally without any restrictions of obtaining an advertising license. Through a blog you can communicate with your clients on time with a low communication cost involved. You can post and write about products, new features, customers, market trends and product reviews. All this is aimed at marketing as well as communicating to your customers.

Helps You Improve Product & Garner Visibility
A blog helps you make your business, services and products more visible and accessible to the right people. This even helps you being known by the right people who are interested in your business, products and services. This will be achieved through personal connection and relationship that you are going to create with your customers when you share your personal stories with them. It also help you build trust and in the event you can rediscover yourself through the interactions and even earn referrals.
Though, it is hard to quantify the benefits made from blogging as an entrepreneur, successful entrepreneurs are dedicated to blogging as they regard it as a very important thing in their business ventures because of the many long term benefits and effects the blog will have on your business. It is therefore prudent for you as an entrepreneur to engage in blogging.

written by Kenneth Waldman, probationary Business Author for The Asian Entrepreneur as well as writer and editor at Essay Mama, an essay writing service. see more.

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