Since its creation in 2011, Artimization has emerged as a prosperous Global Digital Marketing Company that has left an everlasting impact on the world. This company is based in Karachi, Pakistan and is reaching new heights with every progressive year. Their aim is to establish strategic business relations with like-minded people who have similar goals and are zealous about growth, efficiency and effective results.

As the Co-Founder of Artimization and the Head of Business Development, Haris Siddique is responsible for supervising the company’s operations and organizational strategies. He is a marketer, editor, writer and sales person. He facilitates his clients in broadcasting their messages in a clear, accurate and concise manner. His ideas, writing, editing and management services help clients in reaching the target audience and advertising sharp, meaningful and relevant information. His vision is to continue to assist and support the people he serves and revolutionize the existing business strategies.

Haris is one of the leading entrepreneurs of today’s world and an inspiration for many young and aspiring IT Professionals in an IT dominated country such as Pakistan. He is a true leader who is the embodiment of passion, determination, zeal and self-discipline. He has worked relentlessly throughout his career and is the reason behind Artimization’s outstanding performance today. It’s his drive and ambition that set him apart as an entrepreneur and give him a competitive edge over others. Haris believes in creating and fostering business relationships, which have made him an influential part of the diverse community of entrepreneurs. His attention to detail and the ability to overcome challenges is remarkable. His skillful and effective execution of ideas is unparalleled.

Artimization is a digital marketing company handling local and international clients to provide digital marketing solutions. Co-Founded in 2011 by Omer Nadeem and Haris Siddique, the company has established itself as a brand internationally and is recognized for its quality services in a very short time .This company reaches out to several startup businesses, small and medium companies around the globe.  It also approaches people who plan on starting an online store, channel or a company. Artimization supersedes other corporations in providing Integrated Creative Solutions, Website Development, Corporate Brand Management, Traffic Driven Marketing through Social Media and in designing 2D and 3D Animations. Thus, Artimization offers wide variety of services to its clients and is the cornerstone in the success of about 500 global businesses. Artimization constructs clients’ brand indelible identities and aims to achieve high standards in market. So, their business stands well in the market and their customers multiply every day. They indulge their skillset in their client’s business objectives to nourish brand. Artimization has gained respect in visual market for professionalism, integrity and dedication by providing excellent solutions.

Starting out as a freelance company, Artimization paved its way through competition and within the short span of 4 years; it has emerged as a leading company of entrepreneurs in Asia with many businesses around the world. This hallmark was achieved through rigorous efforts put in by Haris Siddique and his team.  He believes in teamwork and aspires to have a diligent team backing his endeavors and continuing to serve the global community. Haris is a part of the global network and has collaborated with businesses around the world such as USA, UK, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, Kuwait, Dubai, Africa and Burma.

Over the years, Artimization has collaborated with many global businesses in order to add to the prestige of this corporation. One such partner is Slaask, which is a customer chat tool for websites and lead conversion. The primary aim of this partnership is to help established businesses as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to improve their customer services. Evidently, in a booming economy such as Pakistan, the services offered by Artimization are one of a kind in terms of quality and efficiency. With a digital marketer teaming up with customer’s service expert, this partnership is expected to make a huge difference in not only Pakistan but will also help the international clients to improve their businesses with better promotion and effective customer’s service. Artimization has also partnered with MPSM, which is a strategic collaboration between the two companies.

While working on Artimization, Haris encountered many obstacles but nothing could shake his resolve or hamper his progress. It took him 4 years to serve 500 small businesses globally and to make them appear visually appealing on the internet. For him the greatest challenge is to assess the nature of his clients and he then deals with them accordingly. This has enabled him to cater to every need of his clients and to help them accomplish their goals. Key areas where Haris is providing his services are Branding, Advertisement, and Traffic Driven Marketing.  He believes that every business entity has unique characteristics that distinguish it from others. He works on those specialties and his skillful endeavors make his clients’ businesses appealing to the target audience. Haris also draws on the experience of other qualified entrepreneurs to achieve excellence.


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