Ramesh S. Ramakrishnan, popularly known as ‘Ramesh’, started his career in shipping under the watchful eye of his father, Mr Sivaswamy. Upon completing his bachelor’s degree from HR College of Commerce in Mumbai, he joined the organization as a trainee and he gained a broader understanding of the shipping agency business. This stood him in good stead, when he had to take over the reins of the company, after the sudden demise of his Father in 1989 – a true Baptism by fire.

Born out of a lifelong love affair with the sea that he shared with his father, Ramesh, currently the Chairman of the Transworld Group, has steadily expanded the group’s activities since he took over his father’s chairmanship in 1989. He stood witness as the company started from its humble beginnings in 1977, and purchased its first ship – the Khaleej Express in February 1983. Under his helm, the Group launched Shreyas Shipping in 1993, which was converted into a public limited company with an authorized capital of Rs. 38 crores in 1994, and expanded its international operations to the US in 2002. Ramesh passionately explored and discovered new business horizons and the Transworld Group has grown to become a USD 700 million enterprise with extensive international operations across Asia, USA and the Middle East, and a 3500 strong workforce involved in multifarious activities.

The activities of the group include: Shipowning, Feedering, Logistics, Liner, Shipping Agency, Ship Management and CFS. Transworld Group is headquartered in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (Dubai, UAE), with offices in USA, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore and offices in 28 Indian cities combined with strong network of partners world over. Transworld Group offers a one-stop shop to all its customers and continues to expand its horizons, by providing innovative solutions, supported by bold, resolute and decisive action.

Ramesh, with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience including hands on experience in ship owning, chartering and ship management, is the driving force behind Transworld Group.

Ramesh’s sagacious leadership has earned him the ‘Maritime Personality of the Year Award’ at the Maritime and Logistics Awards 2011, the ‘Logistics CEO of the Year’ title at the 2013 Indian CEO Awards in Dubai, and The Forbes Middle East Top Indian business leader award 2013. He was awarded the Hall of Fame Award at the Gujarat Start Awards 2013. The recent feather to his cap is the 2014 Forbes Middle East’s Top Indian Business Leaders award.

Ramesh is gifted with a distinct ability to plan ahead and a power to dream, which enables him to make decisions essential to his goal of nurturing the organization’s growth from an agency to a leading shipping and logistics provider. As a leader, he believes in total decentralization and an open office system as he maintains an immense amount of trust and faith in the management team’s capability, while making sure that the core values of the organization stays uncompromised. He continuously supports his people and guides them through all the complicated processes of the business, which has earned him their utmost and highest loyalty and regard. He values his people as an integral part of his organization, crediting them as the source of his energy and optimism, and he is constantly on the lookout for individuals who can take on the responsibilities that lie ahead. He values excellent and efficient work and ensures that goals are reached by following the best business practices. In addition, he implements total transparency and integrity in every aspect of the business as he believes this to be the key towards carving out a strong organization.

Ramesh’s wife Geeta Ramakrishnan is actively involved in the day-to-day affairs of the company and heads the human resources department. He is ably assisted by his son Ritesh Ramakrishnan who after graduating from Purdue University is now Director Strategy and Business Planning at Transworld Group, while his daughter Anisha Ramakrishnan is completing her post graduation in the UK. For Ramesh living a blissful live with his family amidst his busy schedule is an art that he has learned over the years, and a priority that precedes everything else. He regularly exercises to keep fit and healthy, while encouraging his staff to do the same. His love for culture and arts motivates him to organize events that showcase seasoned performers, as well as upcoming talents in Indian music as he believes that it is his social obligation to promote his cultural heritage.

Ramesh is a noted philanthropist who supports many charitable trusts and worthy causes, and considers charity as very personal and important part of his life. It is evident through his ways and actions that his responsibility to the company does not end in conquering new heights, but more importantly, to his people and their families for he believes that caring touches hearts, which will inspire them to go the extra mile.

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