It is very rare that you find an individual who has a positive air and grace to them. Fatima Al Shirawi is one of those rare gems who leaves a room full of people feeling happy and enlightened.

Fatima is one of those rare insightful people who has helped individuals, organisations, local and International designers achieve their ambitions, dreams and goals, through reduction of stress, anxiety, increase in confidence and an enhanced feeling of emotional and physical well-being.

The Gracious F holds a strong portfolio of prominent international clients including members of the royal family in the UAE and has connections directly with the likes of world international designers who fly her to Europe to consult and speak about their collections and their Colour affects.

“Colour has a profound effect on human behaviour. Different hues influence different psychological modes and ailments. Exposure to a particular colour or set of colours can lead to a measurable improvement in mood and behavior. These hues are arranged into one of four harmonious colour groups. Individuals too can be categorised via these groups, with each type having a natural affinity for a particular set of colours. My knowledge of colour psychology ensures that I can use the appropriate shades and techniques to craft a personalised coloured programme that soothes specific physical or mental ailments.”

Fatima works with clients on stress management and anxiety treatment. Combining colour psychology and feng shui she teaches clients on how to cope with stress and relieve the symptoms of emotional workplace anxiety, giving them more freedom, more confidence and ultimately more balance in their daily lives.

As well as successfully combining colour psychology, contemporary interior design and the principles of feng shui, Fatima designs unique methods for those looking for a harmonious lifestyle and in particularly effective for those who are in a transitional or difficult phase in their life such as a home or career move, divorce or illness. In short: perfect for the individuals living the Dubai life.

“One of the oldest philosophies of our time is feng shui and is practiced worldwide. It is a system of laws used to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy.” As a feng shui expert, Fatima uses an in-depth knowledge of this to redesign contemporary luxury interiors, releasing the flow of energy and creating an optimum, balanced environment.

The principles of feng shui and colour psychology has a profound effect on human behavior. Colour psychology uses light in the form of colour to balance an individual’s spiritual energy. This energy travels through the body via these energy centers, each one associated with a colour. When an energy center becomes blocked, it results in specific physical or mental ailments, such as stress.

“The colour principle can also be applied to corporate companies; colour affects the bottom line when it comes to branding, packaging, web design, interiors, product design and fashion. The end result is a business which has purpose and a brand image that reflects the values of the organization.”

The Gracious F works closely with clients on interior design for private homes and corporate spaces. Using feng shui in the workspace helps to balance overall productivity, profitability and positive interaction. By introducing a combination of colour psychology and the principles of feng shui into the workplace, a company can help to balance overall productivity, profitability, success, positive interaction, enhance the creative working environment and improve the wellbeing of the workers.

“Without balance and harmony a corporate space or workforce can never achieve its true potential. Stagnant energy creates obstacles and setbacks, stops a flow of wealth and creates bad feeling. By introducing feng shui into the workplace, a company can help to balance overall productivity, profitability and positive interaction, enhance the creative working environment and improve the wellbeing of the workers.”

The Gracious F assists with every aspect of a brand’s design and communication. As advertising is one of the most essential forms of communication for any brand, Fatima works closely with corporate clients to apply theories of colour psychology to their client communications. This ensures that advertising is effective, enticing and representative of the brand personality and values.

“In a marketplace in which consumers are bombarded with information, The Gracious F ensures that a brand stands out and attracts consumers with a balanced and enticing advertising campaign and design. I use my experience in styling and colour to create attractive store displays, exhibition stands and photoshoots that communicate the brand’s products and ideals to the greatest effect.”

Fatima’s professional styling experience is used to create store displays, that embody the spirit of a brand while promoting it to new and established customers. Using both the principles of colour and feng shui, she works with corporate clients to create a display that is balanced, informative and enticing.

Styling techniques can also be used for exhibition stands and photo shoots, allowing the brand personality to shine through in enticing advertising imagery and brochure materials, and attracting more customers.

The inspiration for the establishment of lifestyle brand The Gracious F, is founder and entrepreneur Fatima Al Shirawi. With a passion for travel and education, Fatima started her journey as a graduate of George Washington University with a BA in Sociology and Marketing. Continuing her quest for knowledge, exploration of the fashion capitals of Europe led to qualifications from Polimoda Fashion School in Florence and London College of Fashion. To complement her achievements, Fatima also qualified as a certified colour consultant from the Colour Affects Institute in London.

Having returned to her native country, it was this experience of discovery and knowledge that has made Fatima realise the need for balance and a true understanding of the self to live a harmonious life. Fatima now uses her experience in sociology to understand how culture and religion play a role in our environment and what people are seeking in the multi-cultural destination that is Dubai.

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