Mike Enables Exponential Growth And Reshapes Industry Boundaries

What’s your story? 
I left Greece 38 years ago, travelled around the world, lived in 5 countries (Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Hong Kong), studied in 3 countries, led 3 global businesses with Multinationals (Philips and Siemens), led and/or founded 5 start-ups, created or introduced to the market first of a kind systems such as CD Recordable, Consumer Internet Audio, Wireless Charging, etc., provided mentoring and coaching to many young people and established a global partnership to enable sustainable growth (in support of the 17 UN sustainable goals) of the Innovation Ecosystem. We’re at 6 now, but are aiming for 10 or more locations around the world. 

Recently, I wrote my first book about exponential growth, with more books to follow. This first book is entitled, “Xponential Growth: Do You Know the Exponential Growth Secrets?

What excites you most about your industry? 

I consider myself an active member of the Innovation Ecosystem.  What excites me is the unlimited potential of what humans can achieve. In the last 20 years we managed to pull out of poverty more than 1 billion people, we are creating tremendous innovations that can help us to improve our healthcare systems, increase our longevity, create amazing automations with our smart cities and communication technologies, and hopefully, we can address environmental challenges fast enough to save the planet.

What is your connection to Asia? 
I arrived in Asia more than 30 years ago, traveled around to more than 15 countries, and I have lived in Hong Kong for the past 22 years.    

Favourite city in Asia for business and why? 
Hong Kong, by far. For doing business, I consider it to be dynamic and efficient!

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received? 
Devote more time to your personal development and do something funny every day.

Who inspires you? 

Any person who achieves something extraordinary that is inclusive of societal contribution.

What have you just learnt recently that blew you away? 
I have learned many details regarding the “behind the scenes” power struggle between the USA and China.

If you had your time again, what would you do differently? 
I would devote more time to my family.

How do you unwind?
Reading a book, hiking and being in nature with friends, and a good glass of wine on my rooftop.

Favourite Asian destination for relaxation? Why?
Bali, because it has great nature and a dry climate that reminds me of Greece.

Everyone in business should read this book: 
“The 4 Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom,” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Shameless plug for your business: 

TenX2 enables Sustainable Growth of the Innovation Ecosystem.

How can people connect with you? 

[email protected]

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To hear how entrepreneurs around the world overcome their challenges, search your favourite podcast platform for ‘CallumConnects‘ to hear a 5-minute daily breakdown.

Callum Laing is an entrepreneur and investor based in Singapore. He has previously started, built, and sold half a dozen businesses and is now a Partner at Unity-Group Private Equity and Co-Founder and CEO of MBH Corporation PLC. He is the author of three best-selling books ‘Progressive Partnerships’, ‘Agglomerate’, and ‘Entrepreneurial Investing’.

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